Kids together in jumping competition




Title: “The Sandman Never Sleeps

Author: Jack Lodato

Submitted to: Talent Production Associates

Reader: Linda Marie Natanson




Jack Bickford is an ordinary man who comes across something unusual at a flea market – a leather pouch containing sand and a parchment paper that is a supernatural source of vengeance to be used against evil in New York City. The “Sandman” devours criminals by reducing their bodies to skeletons through the use of sand when Jack recites a special phrase that brings the Sandman into being. So long as Jack uses the Sandman to find evil, he is safe. Should he use the Sandman against anyone else, he would in turn be devoured by it.

Washington Square Park, a common meeting ground for drug dealers, addicts, rapists and muggers, becomes a slaughter-ground. Jack lets the Sandman loose to seek justice for the victims of the criminal element: Charlie Tognarelli, the old man who likes to watch people from a park bench, but is beaten and killed by Q – a drug dealer; Rico, an artist who sells his paintings on the street, but is severely beaten by G-Money– yet another drug dealer; Sara Beth Goldstein, Jack’s girlfriend who likes to play Pentanque in the park, she’s beaten, nearly blinded, and robbed by two Crack Whoresin the park’s bathroom.

Detective Rick Turner is baffled by the case – no suspects, no clues, and no witnesses – just the bones of criminals. Medical Examiner Tyson is unable to provide either a method of death or identities of the victims. However, due to the way the bones were presented, he gives Rick the name of a doctor who is versed in the occult and mythology, hoping Dr. Nichols could be helpful. A break in the case comes when a Bum witnesses Jack and the Sandman in action. The Bum gives a description of Jack and tells Rick all that he saw – giving the Sandman a name – the Beast.

Jack and the Sandman save Rick’s life in the park after Rick and an undercover cop are attacked by three drug dealers. In exchange, Rick lets Jack go on two conditions – Jack must leave New York City within 48 hours and he must turn over the Sandman to Rick. Jack agrees to both and turns over the leather pouch and parchment [the secret to the Sandman] to Rick.

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