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New Social Games by Playotope

What are Social Games?

Social games provided by Playotope combine online games and social networking. They allow you to involve your online contacts in a game. And yet no cost comes with playing the games. All you need to play a social game is a computer and internet connection, meaning you can play a game, for free, from your sofa. >>> German version of here. <<<

Fun with Friends

A social game is not social unless you are playing with another person. As such, social games enable you to take turns. Playotope games allow you to compare scores, issue challenges, or give your friends virtual gifts to help their game. The social aspect of games makes it easy to quickly connect with your friends, regardless of where they are, and what their level of gaming expertise is.

Easy to Play

Playotope games are not made for so called “hardcore gamers”. They are made for the average user and not for someone who plans on playing 24 hours a day. Still the games create an exciting experience that makes you want to come back.

Facebook and other Platforms

Social games are based around social platforms like Facebook. In the context of social gaming, social platforms provide you with an identity and also provide the backbone for communication like notifications and invites. And last but not least the social platforms are where your friends are.

Multi-Device Gaming

In the future, all games will be social – and they will provide multi-device gaming: A single, unified game environment and experience that encompasses all devices. You can experience the game on your Xbox in the living room, continue the game on your computer at work during a break, and then use your mobile device on the go. That is the Playotope vision of gaming. Imprint:

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