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Today got a letter from M*tr@de!!12th May, 2nd interview!!They asked me to bring along the necessary documents and Kertas Ujian Ilmiah eg project papers, thesis etc.. Have you heard any other places that ask you to bring yr old, god knows where project papers??At times like these lah yg aku nak forgo all these kerja2 menyusahkan….but….. *sigh*…..Man, I’ve to dig up my old boxes in the store that is if they are still there!! or…Anybody wants to loan me yours??…..

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I Did It 3 Times Onboard & 1 Underwater…

haaaa… I told you i was gonna get laid!! muahahahahahahah…check the guy out!! Lorenz is the name.. A Dutch airline steward travelling alone…

We had a GRRREAT time in Perhentian!! It doesn’t feel like we were actually in Malaysia!! The time we were there, boleh kira orang Melayu.. Orang Melayu yang kitaorg nampak pun were mostly local workers there who are very much advanced than us in KL!!Practically all day long, for three days we went snorkelling and island hopping! The islands were soooo beautiful, no wonder foreigners like them very much.. It’s almost paradise…

We even went to Redang to check out the beach there and visited the Marine Park yg kat tepi2 shore pun ada fishes in various colours! On the way there we were lucky enough to see Dolphins!! But sayangnya they didn’t get near the boat… Nampak turtle, a huge Garupa and the others manage to see small sized shark but aku tak nampak..chet!
A couple of times while snorkelling, the guide had to pull us back to the boat because the waves were too strong..hehe Berenang2, tak sampai2… tension gila!!The people we met were great!! Lorenz kept us entertained (ehem..ehem..)!! He was a great company at the resort and onboard (ehem..ehem..)!! We could never manage to play the Pictionary without him!! hehe Then met 2 wonderful American women, Susan & Laura, who we really had fun with also… The Arw@na staff were a great help and friendly. The minus side is the resort were secluded and far away from the happening Long Beach.
As a result, we are red now!! Ira even had a heatstroke on the 2nd night! Sampai menggigil!! Luckily she was OK the next day.. I’m having a burning feeling on my arms and back now..But boy, was it a great holiday!! A bit sore here and there but memang fun and trully unforgetable!!Oh and please do not say I’m a bitch on the beach after you read the title!! Hey, I’m still a good girl la….That were the amount of times I threw up!!! hahahaha At least, the fishes came to me…..

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

I believe, this is my 1st Saturday entry…At home, no internet; I don’t work on Saturdays; and right now I’m in the other office completing quotation that is due on Monday. Because of my trip tomorrow, terpaksa lah menyusahkan diri sket..There’s a minor setback on our Perhentian plan.. Suzie’s son was warded so she can’t make it.. So last minute nih terpaksa lg mencari orang untuk ganti an all paid for trip… So now, I have been calling all of my friends yang tak kisah with an impromptu invitation for a vacation, and yang senang nak amik AL..These 2-3 days have been here and there trying to get suppliers for our event. Tu yg senyap sket tuh.. Made some call, typed some things, met and entertain some people… So, I came across Tupai-Tupai Restaurant near old Wisma Putr@. A good outdoor, Malay-Chinese-Thai food. Dia buat ala-ala hut style ala N@ili’s.. Delicious…Anyways, I’ve been wondering… We as a human, setinggi mana kita capai, sejauh mana kita pergi, mesti kita carik yg familiar balik ngan kita, yg we know..yg we feel safe with… I heard that a junior of mine lost her husband 2 years ago due to a tumour, and now she is getting married to her high school boyfriend.. Funny how situations in life lead us back to where we belong, kan?In times like these, I don’t blame people yang reach back to their past because most of the time the present is so hard and the future seems bleak. Back then, kita tak yah worry apa2.. Bermain, main-main innocent.. Berkawan, kawan-kawan setia.. Bercinta, cinta-cinta monyet.. Only those yg lucky enough, cinta monyet jadi cinta angsa. Mate for life..I love my school/college friends..They know me when I was nothing. They know me as the real Ezz. They’ve seen how I’ve grown from an eksyen innocent JB girl to a confident, wacky and hopefully a great friend to them.And tomorrow, I’m going to Perhentian with 2 of them!! woohoo!! We are gonna have a great time, I hope!!Ezz-Vindicated will be on leave Mon & Tues!! woohoo!!

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The Horoscopes Are At It Again..

Thursday, April 14, 2005

My past 2 days horoscope said:

Caution — your comfort zone is getting a little too cozy for your own good.Step out of it ASAP. The stars say that assertiveness suits you now, so make something happen.

and the ultimate:

All kinds of opportunities to make money outside of your regular job are about to come your way. The most valuable will arrive now. If you’re clever, you’ll jump right on it. All the cosmic lights are green — so go.

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You’d never guess who will be in bottom 3 tonight!!2 of the best are there and one of the best is gone!!Clink for spoilers!

Aku Nak Cuti…Aku Nak Cuti..Aku Nak Cuti…

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

These few days I’m in holiday mood… Pagi dtg office, by noon I’m out and go straight to my supposedly new office in BU…Very near to OU…Me likey!!Well, I haven’t change jobs lah.. but the Thing yg kept me coming to this office.. So far so good..Nothing confirmed yet, just tgh cuba sedaya upaya to get it.. Wish us luck!!As for the St Perhentian trip, hopefully everything dah prepared.. Cuma Dress (sumer tak cantik!! or ke tak muat?hehe), Beach Towel (provided thr), Kain Batik (alahai..tlglah..) and Body beautiful jek tak bawak!! hehe..Tapi yg nyampahnyer, adalak member soh catering for her baby shower this Sunday and have to settle the quotation for the Thing by Tues..Meaning: all must be done by Friday/Saturday… Terpaksa ler kerja keras sket utk kesenangan di masa hadapan…Anyways,
  • WANTED: 5 CARICATURISTS For Family Day Carnival on 28th May.

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Chills, Chillin’ and Chilli Cheese Steak/Stick..

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Don’t wanna jinx anything but that I’ve talked before, might materialize!! Hopefully with a few heads together, we can make it work!! Cuma takut jugak lah kan, kalo tak jadik.. But i think with the people yg involved now, the chances are good!! Yay, to our future!! Insyaallah…Had a great couple of days meeting old friends.. Seeing my old classmates really was fun reminiscing about our silly but still wonderful past.. 3 qtr of them are married now, especially the boys.. Yg girls ni rasanya me, Sue, Baby, Su-t jek yg single-mingle kot.. Rock on, babes!! Bob’s satay was superb!! Look for them at Pinggiran Sri Gombak mapley..Then meeting my girlfriends at Chillis KLCC for the always excellent meal!! Getting all excited for the Perhentian trip..Tymme already bought her straw hat!! haha That girl really all out!! First time being on an island!! hahaSo the checklist are done (as mentioned in Sengalz Forum):
  • Swimsuit(s): To sesekali unleash the inner sexiness.
  • Tank tops. 6 min.: Sleeveless/Covered depending on the arms.
  • Skirts: To ala2 cun bila ditiup angin.
  • Dress(es): To ala2 cun bila ditiup angin 2.
  • Flip flops: To release the claustrophobic high heeled feet.
  • Sneakers: For possible adventurous island exploring.
  • Hats: Straw/cotton is advisable. For Joan Collin-ish pose.
  • Beach bag: To store the beach babes necessities.
  • Sun Block: To protect the skin yg mmg dah hitam ni, dr jd lg hitam..
  • Digicam: To commemorate the devilishly good time we’ll hv. *crossg fingers lots of cute mat salleh wl b thr!*
  • Underwater camera: 2 box. Kalo nak sorg satu, soh Ira beli. Mahal wo!! To snap the snorkelling, fish feeding and twice the body size underwater.
  • Beach Towel: Preferably 3’x6′. To golek2 on the beach.Optional:
  • Kain Batik: To those who wants to attract kg men. NOT! Kalo Zaza ada boleh lah! heheh
  • Body beautiful: Enuf said. hahahahaha

ezz-thetics at 12:27 PM

1 Year As A Blogger..

Friday, April 08, 2005

Pejam, celik..pejam, celik..dah sethn dah I’ve been blogging..A year ago, I was introduced by to the blog world. Reading hers and all the others, made me wanna set up my own. You wouldn’t believe the amount of time it took to change the layout myself.. Once or twice, it took me 2 days to create the sidebars only!! That was when I realized that it was the point of no return. heheh..The stuff i wrote, sometimes didn’t make any sense but at that time it really helps me alot knowing that I had a place to vent. New friends made along the way, some I had the pleasure to meet and some, insyallah tak lama lagi ek? hehe, who are kind enough to respond to the posts I’ve made. Somehow it made me come back to my blog over and over again.. A virtual journal that is able to give feedback? Diary is so last season, honey….The various blogs I’ve read…wow! Some of you really don’t hold back at all!! Some are so funny, some are so sad and poetic, some are just pure crap, some are show-offs, some are too lame and some are so excellent you’d think that they should be a writer..Apa2 pun, it is truly a very exciting thing being a blogger.. It is a blast to read and being read. Hope you guys enjoyed my blog and hope to keep myself and you guys entertained for years to come, Insyaallah!!Cheers to Ezz-Vindicated!

When The Translation Needs Another Translation…

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Malaysian tv translators are a joke!!Seriously, man. Are they certified or do the tv stations just pick anyone of their staff to translate?Watching Charmed yesterday, suddenly I was introduced to the word “Somberono“. haha Kita tv Malaysia ko Jawo??!! In the series, like they wanted to say “don’t do anything foolish” but keluar that word… I had to ask my mother for the meaning. Why can’t they just say “Sembarangan”??!!Pathetic, right? But the best was Jim Carrey’s Period. to Menstruasi. hahahaOur local tv translation has become something to be enjoyed anticipated as much as the programmes. Same goes to the local cinema. Mmg sah2 Cina yg translate. I once watched Never Been Kissed. In one scene Michael Vartan explained to his students about a ice hockey legend. So he said “He was like the Tiger Wood of golf.” And came the translation that went: “Dia adalah seperti si harimau di dlm golf”. hahahahaha.. And once I came across “Holy Cow” as “Lembu Suci”!!The trouble with these translators is that it’s not that they don’t know the meaning. But what they need to learn are the slang people use, the jokes, the double meaning of a sentence…*sigh*Anyone know how can I apply for these translator jobs? Seriously, I want it. Part time pun boleh.. Heck I can even do it for free!!I know if I’m the one doing the translating, there’ll be no perkataan yg “Somberono”…

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Does Our Friends Behave Differently Behind Us?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I got a few sets of friends, very close ones. Some knows me inside out, some just very good but don’t know much abt me.. But the main thing is that we love to hang out with each other..Having many friends, you can’t avoid the impending meeting with their other friends..That is when you see them either: A)Confirming that they are great that others see them as you do, or B) Behaving like a complete asshole/bitch that you can’t believe that they are actually your friends.I hope I’m not in the B) kind… Kan korang kan? heheAdmit it, we do bitch abt people but as for myself, I am generous in giving compliments as well. I am somehow enchanted (not in a gay kinda way..) in seeing women/men who knows how to carry themselves well… When I see people with bad sense of style or committing a fashion faux pas, i try to view on how confident they are dressing that way…hehe But sometimes, you just can’t…heheBut to hear your friends really diss a person for the way they look or they are horizontally/vertically challenged……man, that is low…. Some more, coming from a person who has nothing much to show…Alahai…lagilah nyampah….Ada setengah pulak yg totally doing the tough girl act on me but then depan guys, gedik2 trus… I see a few of my friends in a new light (or shall I say, darkness..) after some encounters… But in the end, as long as they are good friends, it’s fine by me…Cuma being friends with me, ada ler kena sound sekali dua…I try to behave as genuinely and sincerely to my friends as I possibly could..I only behave differently with my family. At home, I am a lazy bitch!

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What I’ve Discovered This Weekend…

Monday, April 04, 2005

Career Fair in MV: Last minute dpt tau & atas kemalasan sendiri dan kengkwn, tak pi..*sigh* Looks like we gonna stuck for a while here…

M@trade post: Asked my cuz and she said as far as she knows, there is only 1 position to fill !!! what the heck??!!! 1 position? cheh… kalo dpt mmg nasib ar….tu pun kalo takde saper guna cabel….*sigh*

Karaoke in Summit: Happy hour 12pm – 3pm Mon-Sun RM11 inclusive buffett lunch!!

1U Bowl: Just Opened. Buy 1 free 1 game.

The need to party: lama tak pi happening.. Teringin lak nak ke Bar Savanh or Passion. Jom girls??!! and guys??!!

Biji chilli clog drains: Well, lama dah tau but apparently, atas kecuaian 2/3 months worth of biji chilli dah menyumbatkan our drains..

Fisichella is H.O.T!!!: Aiyo..I’ve never noticed before maybe because dulu tak terserlah. But Renault’s Gi@ncarlo Fisichella is oh so fine!! Too bad he had to retire early..

Astro’s Customer Service: SUCKS!!!

My BMI: Is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay of the chart!!! *gigit kuku*

Dance class in SS15 Subang: RM150 /3 months!! Gonna chk it out tonight!

My crush: Great body, bad attitude…*sigh*

April Salary: It’s gone even before I got it….*waaaaaaaa…..*

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By just sending MMS, you can turn this:
into this:
Send MMS pic of yourself to 23500.Each request is charged RM0.50 and the Cartoon MMS costs RM5.00

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Weekend Yg Tak Fun..

Friday, April 01, 2005

I hope it won’t be that way…but by the looks of it, it’s gonna be a boooorrrrrriiiiiinnng one!*sigh*Lahabau nyer company, my gaji only boleh dapat next week!!! waaaaaaaaa……isk.isk.. And some more if calculations betul, it will be gone in 3 days, tops 1 week…. *sigh*..It is really hard to save, man… Every cent counts!! But actually, boleh sebenornye..Cut out all the outside eating, mmg byk duit aku…heheh.. But biasalah, kesedaran belum ke tahap kritikal.. It is too hard to resist!!I salute anyone who can say no to those delicious ice-creams, the 50% off shoes, the cute dresses in KLCC, the oh-so-padan on me lipsticks… Me bow to u, oh master!!What i need is……..A rich bf. Yeah, that would solve all monetary problems. hehe Especially one who could say ” Yang, i’ll gv you RM5K a month (at least) and all I want in return is your love..” Hahaha Kalo ada camtu kat dunia nih, sumpah tak cari yg lain!!Yeah, I know..I got nothing to do now.Even Cinderella got it hard before snatching a Prince Charming, ni kan kita….*sigh*I guess there will no playing dress up for balls this weekend….*wishing hard for a fairy god mother to come and rescue….*