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Opposition exists,is not a divine masterpiece?White kind of insect:Not!Absolute being didn’t create two dollar existences, God also didn’t create world.If the world is what God builds, so he must be the author of “the fantastic story that the idiocy says” of Shakespeare’s style of writing.However, the absolute being has no so Yu Chi, we will prove to let you see.God only has two kinds of possibilities:On being what Holy Bible says, God is perfect love(Holy Bible occasionally also slanting dozen the words that hit the ground to speak a few truths of), not, God is an idiocy, you can two choose a.The J isn’t an idiocy either, because he has no quilt absurd Suo old woman world hoodwink.His affair, we will slowly tell you, but anything but your expectation hears of the official parlance.You can remember testament story of medium”the wave son turns head”?Ge Rui:Certainly!However, you might as well give me some hint again.White kind of insect:You there of testament fetch, read aloud to let us listen to, we will help you the explanation of.Please jump a segment of empress.Ge Rui:Why to want a segment that I jump an end?:Ear devolution moment, unavoidably encourage to add vinegar some kind of.Not a few places BEwithof the creator increase into by himself[herself].Ge Rui:All right!I for the time being believe you once, RSV edition of Bible also accept!:This translates relatively stick to match modern vernacular speech, turn overchapter 15 is 11 sections.Ge Rui:Okay, this is the story that the J elder brother says, to!:Yes.The J elder brother is also different from evangel describe so many words, he each time talk is all misunderstood by the other people, beat from the first, his .

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