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We recognized the need for this service not long after we moved to the Charlotte area. With our house in Florida still on the market, Jim and I settled into an apartment in South Charlotte, got to know our way around, and soon felt right at home. Selling a house long distance proved to be quite stressful, and we were both content to stay in our cozy little apartment once the transaction was completed.

When my parents chose to join us in the Queen City, Jim and I reluctantly entered the world of real estate once again! We met a wonderful Realtor who filled us with so much confidence, we bought our own new home in South Charlotte before my parents had a chance to begin looking! Soon, our Realtor got my folks settled in, just 2 miles up the street.

We learned from our Realtor that two recent sales had been to residents of our apartment community – the buyers had also purchased homes nearby. When I commented on the opportunitiesof marketing to apartment residents – with their increased home-buying potential and inclination to purchase homes in the vicinity of their apartment communities – our Realtor agreed, but she then described the challengespresented by targeted marketing to Apartment Communities.

Her observations were correct – published apartment addresses rarely include apartment numbers. In addition, time constraints and gated communities make it difficult, if not impossible, for Realtors to physically visit and collect nearby apartment addresses for each new listing they need to market.

My background in database design and development told me a solution for this Realtor-specific problem was possible. We sought the guidance of several Charlotte Realtors throughout the development process to ensure the end product would meet the needs of our clients. We now have a proprietary database that maintains and illustrates the data for Charlotte’s 500-plus apartment communities.

We feel we’ve made some tremendous strides in assisting Charlotte Realtors, but we are always looking for ways to enhance our services!

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