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I-Cybie Robotic Dogs! By Tiger Electronics

The i-cybie is the premier robotic dog at a reasonable price! At only $194.95, the i-cybie performs commands and movements much like the Sony Aibo which comes at a much higher price range.

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****Release Date Update****
9/20/01 Ok, the i-Cybie is finally here! We are now going through our preorders and shipping them out on a first come first serve basis. Our shipment was larger than expected, so we may have more available for immediate shipment! Place your order here ( ) to get in line and possible have your shipped this week or early next week!


We place your order now to be guaranteed first dibs when they are available. Get your hands on them now for great fun with robotic animals!

  • I Cybies have 16 different motors allowing for total fluid movement!
  • I-Cybies are preprogrammed with 14 tricks.
  • Remote Control for guest users (the I-Cybie learns commands from its “master”, but guests can also play with it).
  • Similar to Sony’s Aibo (but much less expensive), this robotic dog can respond to your commands, and move around independently of you!

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The i-cybie robotic dog is available in Metallic Silver/Blue and Metallic Gold

A word from the manufacturer:

i-Cybie is unparalleled when it comes to highly advanced robotic dogs. He is 12 inches high and fully articulated with 16 separate motors creating an exceptional range of animation including walking, sitting, begging and !

i-Cybie is designed with advanced artificial intelligence and a powerful voice recognition system, he learns to respond to your voice. Give him his own name and teach him to respond to it. Or teach him to do tricks by responding to your voice. i-Cybie goes through several stages of development from puppy to adult dog.

He can interact and react with his environment and learn to maneuver around obstacles. i-Cybie is able to communicate with other i-Cybie dogs. Batteries include.

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  • Camera: Canon EOS 600D