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Ron Geida – Lead/Rhythm Guitars

RonGeida is an improvisationalmaster on the guitar. His bluesy, soulful riffs can carry a song wherever he wants it to go. Simply put, Ron’s ability is down right nasty!As a master of his craft, Ron also teaches private guitar lessons. For moreinfo, contact Ron at .

James Byerly – Bass

James Byerly loves to funk it up in the cut…period!!! Affectionately known as “Buddy” by his closest family and closest friends, he has over 20 years of experience with local bands and his bass lines provide a forceful steadiness to any genre of music for the band. James is also available as a private DJ and offers PA & SoundReinforcement for special events. Contact him directly at (817) 577-1618.

Richard Greagor – Lead Vocals

Richard Greagor is a trained tenor/baritone with a very extensive musical repertoire of secular and religious music…but don’t get it twisted! He can switch gears and deliver down right funky, energetic vocals or smooth soulful ballads in an instant with an style that is uniquely his own. Richard performs at countless weddings, receptions, and social events. Contact him directly at (214) 683-4857 or  .

Rod Perry – Drums, Vocals

Rod Perry is one of the hottest drummer/vocalists in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Rod’s rhythmic interpretations are one of a kind. As quiet as it is kept, he’s not a bad singer, either! Rod’s extensive knowledge of music and percussion has made him a great source of knowledge and musical inspiration. Contact Rod at .

Kenny Kramer – Percussion,Funk Box, Vocals

Kenny Kramer is an incredible percussionist and he is well versed on classic, old-school music. When Kenny plays the Funk Box, his percussive undertones can transform the very essence of a song. Simply put, he plays just the right percussion instrument at the right time. By day, Kenny is one of the hottest Graphic Artists around. His Harley-Davidson designs are some of the most recognizable in modern day pop culture. Contact Kenny at .


Friendsand family jamming to the sweet sounds of Blu-Print…


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