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Privacy and Advertising Policy


The Neighborhood Site is a division of Eagle Web Services, Inc., a Delaware corporation headquartered in New Jersey. Our business is providing Internet based marketing solutions worldwide.

Any information gathered by Eagle Web Services, Inc. from consumers, whether by telephone, filling out a form, or any other means whatsoever, will never be sold, given away, or otherwise transmitted to any other company or entity, nor will it be published on the Internet except as provided for by notice posted on a form the consumer may fill out for submission on the Internet. Prior to posting any information so submitted, we will review the content of said posts to determine the appropriateness of said content.

Eagle Web Services, Inc. conforms to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. All web sites created and operated by Eagle Web Services, Inc. are generally intended for the mature audience. Nonetheless, we understand that a child may from time to time, attempt to post something on one of our sites. While that is not the purpose of our business, we will take the following steps to protect the child. We will call to confirm the authenticity of any posting to the Internet, if we suspect the person so submitting is under thirteen years of age, and we will seek the consent of the parents before posting said submission. In posting a submission by anyone under thirteen years of age, with the parent’s consent, we will post only the submission content, the child’s name, and the parent’s telephone number.

Any advertising placed anywhere on this site is placed there by the advertiser for a fee paid to Eagle Web Services, Inc. and/or the site’s sponsor. Neither Eagle Web Services, Inc. nor the site’s sponsor make any assurance or guarantee of the quality of products or services provided by said advertisers. Any person who chooses to purchase or otherwise use any products or services from advertisers on this site do so at their own risk and are advised to conduct appropriate due-diligence in purchasing or otherwise using such products and services.


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