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Business Process Management Consulting and Implementation Services

As a general rule, organizations approach transformation compelled by a symptom or malfunctioning. In 90% of the cases, addressing this issue alone will not provide a total solution to the problem. Later, another issue will be defined as a new problem, and the cyclical circle of spending money to patch the process will continue. Many organizations are willing to spend $100 a month to patch a process rather than $1000 in fixing it once and for all. And the truth is that in today’s changing environment, with the pressure to produce revenues, it is really hard to justify major transformation initiatives.

Organizations that can help you address these issues cater to the very large organizations and are expensive in nature. Many clients approach consulting firms with a specific requirement to implement a technological solution without taking under consideration that the process to implement change is deeply rooted in the organization’s resources, represented by its people, the processes used to deliver value, the accumulated knowledge of the organization and finally the technological solutions supporting the processes. All these elements are interrelated; changing one without attention of the others will not deliver the expected returns. The opposite will occur, if the technological solution only tries to mimic the way things were done before, it may leave out the opportunity to further streamline the organization and strengthen the ability to deliver value. Furthermore, if you do not prepare the people who will execute the processes, they  will recent the change or simply, will not know how to do their work under the new circumstances.

Our team opinion is that any implementation of change will directly impact your business processes and therefore should be initiated by a thorough analysis and realignment of the processes. Often, just improving the process alone will produce significant returns to the organization. The Andromeda Process Management team follows established methodologies to assess process changes and re-evaluate how things are best done to produce the highest levels of returns to your organization.

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