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OmVeda products have enormous healing powers due to the method in which they are produced The products do not contain any colourants, artificial perfumes or preservatives of any kind. They are made from pure herbs and naturally occurring minerals to age old tradition ayurvedic formulations. The products are not mass produced as they must be grown through old fashioned methods and picked in the correct seasons as dictated by the Ayurvedic Medicinal guidelines. Essential oils are not a part of the production – just the whole plant part, be it leaf, bark, roots, flowers or other. No product is ever tested on animals. Their philosophy is:“If you can’t eat it, do not put it on your skin. What is put on the skin should be full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals safe enough to be taken internally”. As a result, OmVeda is a pioneer in Australia in introducing a genuine ayurvedic range, grown and produced strictly to the Ayurvedic Tradition, guaranteeing 99.8% purity.

OmVeda Skincare and Haircare Products

At Barenton Fount, we are proud distributors of the OmVeda range of products made of herbs, flowers and naturally occurring minerals that bring hair and skin to their own perfect balance. Made from traditional Ayurvedic recipes, the products are not mass produced nor tested on animals and contain only pure natural ingredients. Products are recommended according to each individuals dosha which can be determined through our online quiz.

Face and body scrubs.

Scrub Grains (Pitta and Kapha)

A unique mix of herbal ingredients comprising wheat, barley, spanish jasmine, walnut, lemon peel and sour orange. It is specifically designed for scars, freckles, blackheads and blemishes. The powder should be mixed with Rose Skin Toner and applied in a circular motion.

Walnut Scrub (Vata)

A perfect blend of walnut shell, rose, wheat germ and almond oil. It works to remove dead cells, dirt and impurities to enhance the health and radiance of the skin.

Body Mask (all types)

Made from turmeric, sandalwood, rose powder, neem and other herbs, it is traditionally used to buff the body, removing dead epithelial cells, balancing circulation and nurturing the skin.

Cleansing Creams

Cream Soap (Pitta and Kapha)

Specially formulated with the goodness of clove, almond oil, white sandalwood powder, wintercherry and other herbs, it is designed for daily use as part of an overall skin regime. Recommended as a deep cleansing treatment for dry to oily skin

Aloe Vera Cleansing Cream (Vata and Pitta)

Aloe is a natural rehydrant and is combined with orange and lemon extract, both of which are excellent natural cleansers. This is recommended for dry to normal skin types.

Body Gel (all types)

An excellent substitute for soap and recommended for normal to dry skin, the body gel is made of soap pod, soap nut, vetiver and other precious herbs. It has been used successfully in minimising skin irritations and does not strip the skin of its own natural oils.


Rose Skin Toner (Vata and Pitta)

A powerful formulation rich with the goodness of roses, dates and other herbal ingredients. The scent of roses combined with its unique combination of herbs makes this an excellent skin toner.

Pigmentation and Blemish Lotion (Kapha/Pitta)

An antiseptic lotion which removes dead epithelial cells and is excellent for problem skin. It lightens pigmentation, scars and blemishes. It is made of indian margosa leaves (Neem), spanish jasmine, lemon juice, white sandalwood and bael tree leaves. Avoid applying near eyes, lips and hair.


Date Enriched Moisturiser (Kapha/Pitta)

An all purpose natural and flexible moisturiser made with honey, dates, spanish jasmine, sandalwood and almond – all giving this versatile moisturiser a unique aroma.

Honey and Sandalwood Moisturiser (Vata)

An intensive herbal moisturiser providing nourishment to the skin and excellent for lines on the neck and upper lips. Combining the rich nourishing and softening qualities of honey and the aroma and protective nature of sandalwood, this is an excellent moisturiser for dry skins.

Rehydrating body lotion (all types)

Containing rose, vetiver and white lily, this lotion helps to protect the body against skin disorders and dryness – with an intoxicating scent. Use with Body Gel.

Body Talc (all types)

Finest quality powder blended with sandalwood and precious herbs, it is especially effective for prickly heat.


Nourishing night cream (pitta)

Made from almond oil, spanish jasmine , musk root and other herbs, this blend provides a unique and luxurious cream that is excellent for dull and dehydrated skin.

Night lotus (Vata/Pitta)

An ancient remedy of precious ayurvedic herbs, it helps to rejuvenate dull and dehydrated skin because of its excellent anti-aging formulation.


Sandalwood protective base (Kapha/Pitta)

A combination of sandalwood and seeds of the sacred lotus, specially created for sensitive and problem skins. Acting as a “hide and conceal” base, it has a cooling effect and protects the skin from pollution and the sun. It can be used as a foundation and takes on the individual colour of the skin.

Silk Sunscreen (Vata)

A light frothy cream with a non- oily base, enriched with the natural goodness of sandalwood and rose. This cream provides an invisible film of moisture which protects the skin from the sun and pollution. It can be used as a foundation and is recommended for dry skins.

Natural Sun Protection (all types)

An ayurvedic preparation enriched with botanical goodness, especially formulated for sun protection. It guards the skin from ultraviolet radiation that leads to pigmentation, sunburn and premature aging.


Eye Cream (all types)

Made from almond oil, cuddapa almond extract, indian barberry and mace, this cream is rich in Vitamin A. Used regularly it can prevent dark circles under the eyes and keeps the skin smooth and supple. Also excellent as a lip balm

Seaweed Gel (all types)

Made from acacia gum, red algae, almond oil, honey and sweet flag , this gel helps remove dark circles from around the eyes, at the same time soothing and cooling the eyes. It has a beneficial action on dull, dehydrated skins, rehydrating the delicate tissues around the eye area.


Turmeric Cellulite Cream (all types especially Post Pregnancy)

Turmeric has been used in India for centuries for its germicidal and skin softening qualities. In combination with lemon juice, saffron, almond oil, Indian barberry and sandalwood, turmeric acts as an antiseptic and anti-freckle cream. Rich in Vitamin C, it is ideal for cellulite and stretch marks.


Clove Acne Pack (Kapha)

Especially formulated for oily skins and sufferers of acne and rash, this product heals and soothes eruption on the skin. Clove has powerful antiseptic qualities and a refreshing effect, whilst Ashwaghanda root extracts have a rejuvenative, astringent quality that helps to heal the skin. Use twice a day for problem skins until the condition is improved.

Protex Mask (Pitta/Kapha)

This mask prevents pigmentation, promotes circulation of the blood and tightens the skin. It is made from lentils, bael fruit powder, fuller’s earth, sacred lotus seeds, nutmeg, almond powder, honey and egg powder.

Protein Face Mask (Vata)

Made from honey, white sandalwood, nutmeg, almond and other nurturing ingredients, this mask helps to revitalise the skin. It is exceptionally good for dull and dry skin but is not recommended for sensitive skin. The active ingredients can give a tingling and burning sensation for two to three minutes.

Honey Apricot Peel off Mask (all types)

Good for tightening the pores, this mask is made from Acacia gum, almond oil, honey, apricot and bael fruit. It comprises the moisturising qualities of honey and the firming qualities of apricot which contains Vitamin A and has a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Mango Body Butter Face Pack (Vata/Pitta

This product is a blend of almond oil, mango extract, sacred lotus seeds, Indian barberry and honey. It can be used on its own or with fresh potato, cucumber and carrots and then applied on the face as a mask. Potato helps to clear skin blemishes and has a tightening effect. Cucumber has a cleansing, soothing and mild astringent effect on the skin. Carrot helps to soothe dry, sensitive skins. Mixed with the goodness of the face pack formulation it is excellent for normal to dry skins.

Fruit Mask (Pitta/Vata)

A nutritious blend of citrus fruit extracts mixed with Wheat germ Oil and Almond Oil, this formulation works to enrich and balance the skin from within to give a healthy flawless glow that is the secret to younger looking skin.

Anti-Wrinkle Mask (Pitta/Vata)

An excellent mask enriched with honey and sandalwood, it gives relief to tired and stressed skin whilst minimising wrinkles.

Pigmentation Mask

Formulated for scars, blemishes and tightening the pores, this mask imparts an even tone to the skin and provides nourishment.


Hair Tonic (all types)

A formula which works as a special tonic for the hair and scalp. Excellent for split ends, brittle hair and rough hair, it can be useful for controlling hair loss, dandruff and premature greying. It helps thicken hair with continued use and is non oily therefore does not necessitate washing off the hair after use.

Herbal Hair Oil (Vata/Kapha)

A brew of herbal goodness in a base of sesame oil, this oil encourages hair growth, nourishes the follicles and prevents split ends. Sesame oil contains two natural antioxidants, minerals such as iron, phosphorous, calcium, copper , magnesium and trace elements. It contains eight essential amino acids that are important for the brain and has been used for centuries for head massage.

Green Apple Shampoo and Conditioner (all types)

Containing natural minerals and proteins which help to nourish the scalp without affecting the pH balance, it is recommended for limp and split hair.

Henna Shampoo and Conditioner. (Pitta)

Made of Henna and Shikakai, it is recommended for normal to oily hair and prevents the excessive secretion of scalp oil, keeping hair thick and strong.

Amla Shampoo and Conditioner (Vata)

This exotic shampoo is formulated with extracts of gooseberry and arnica. It helps to thicken the hair and guards the scalp from infection. Can also help control premature greying.

Balsam Henna Treatment (All types)

An ancient remedy for hair containing henna leaves, amla , saffron and other precious herbs, it can help to control hair loss and scalp disorders. It helps to keep the hair strong and healthy. Please note that henna powder can give the hair a reddish colour.


A time tested concept in beauty, gold helps to rejuvenate dead cells and aging skin, providing a cooling effect and making the skin glow like gold.

Gold Scrub

Blended in perfection with walnuts, almonds and 24 carat gold leaf, it helps to remove dull and dead skin to reveal healthy and radiant skin from within

Gold Wonder Cream

Rich with the goodness of the natural ayurvedic heritage of 24 carat gold leaf, almond oil and saffron, this cream contains Vitamin E to keep the skin healthy.

Gold Gel

A wonderful cooling, rejuvenating gel that is excellent on hot humid days . It can be applied thickly and left on as an anti-wrinkle mask. The 24 carat gold leaf is clearly visible in this excellent gel.

Gold Rejuvenating Mask

Prepared with Aloe Vera, china grass , 24 carat gold leaf and almond oil to make a complete skin food that gives radiance to tired and undernourished skin and makes it look naturally youthful.

Try the products and compare with the products you are currently using. The difference will amaze you!


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