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The game rules are:

A) Each month, the game will move into a different time period.B) Each month, the game will deal with an actual historical event withinthat time period.C) Each month, the game will deal with real, historical people whowere involved in that event.D) Each game, you can return to the past only once, to stay for nomore than 6 months or less, if you choose.E) You can only go back as someone similar to your present day selfas to age and gender. But, you will be able to speak the lanquage of anypeoples you may move among while you will also resemble them in appearanceand manner as needed to fit into your scenario.F) You can not assume the identity of someone who actually existed,who may appear by name in historical records.G) You may not kill, cause the death of or seriously harm any recognizablehistorical figure.H) You must support yourself during the time period that you spendin the past.I) But, you can not take anything with you into the past that, if foundin todays time, would be unexplainable. IE: Zippers, velcrow, plastic,coins, etc.J) You can take only 25 pounds of “whatever” back with you into thepast plus necessary clothing.K) You must describe in detail what you will take with you and howyou will support yourself without leaving traces of your visit to be foundin this century.L) You must describe in detail where and when you will go, how longyou will stay, who you will meet and to what purpose.M) You must describe in detail how you will accomplish your purposeas it effects accepted historical reality.N) And finally, you must have a purpose. You can not go into the pastto simply browse, to meet the famous or to winess the event.

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